Saturday, 30 July 2011

Something is Lost

I'd rather not go into detail over this one, I can barely bring myself to look at it. (Even more than usual).

Are You Dishonest? New Page

This was drawn after I'd spent an evening at a Private View, It reminded me why I am both attracted and repelled to the kind of people who feel the need to be seen at all the best places with all the right people wearing just the right clothes. Ugh!

moleskine page

A new Moleskine page

assorted sketches

Friday, 29 July 2011

more work

When I was small, I believed that really tall trees touched heaven, Jack and The Beanstalk obviously planted this fertile seed. I was convinced that rustling leaves was whispers and prayers being conveyed to God, I even wrote a letter to God and stuck it as high up in the branches as I could. Sadly he never replied.

More pages

This is about some screwed up family dynamic that I haven't quite worked out yet. Something to do with jealousy, lack of trust and power games played by grown ups. This really is a well that never runs dry!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Moleskine, new page

When I was younger, I'd lie on the grass with my ear to the ground and I'd be convinced I could hear a heartbeat. It never occurred to be that the earth wasn't a living thing. I didn't find this particularly reassuring, as my experience of anything living was that it could turn on you. The earth had a power over me and I wasn't too sure about that. I haven't yet worked out the rest but it will eventually make sense. Thanks to all of you who have offered insights to these works, it always amazes me how others can cut through the crap and see stuff I couldn't.

new page of my current Moleskine

This page involves dogs: my favourite non-human humans.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A new page

Following on from the post about the inner life of strange children. Adults seem to forget how devious and cunning children can be. They romanticise childhood and ascribe to it magic than doesn't always exist.i was a horrible, dangerous child, it wasn't my fault, I had to protect myself somehow.

New moleskine page

Children have a different perspective on life than adults. when I was a child I had a rich, somewhat insane internal life that was skewed and distorted by my misreading of situations, and by misunderstanding the turns and twists of adulthood. At times, like most children, I couldn't tell the difference between reality and my inner visions

New Pages

I have been told that posting several images per post is a little overwhelming and doesn't allow breathing room. So I shall post the images individually.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Collage

I justed completed this piece to irritate my son Alex who has a terrible sick phobia! It is available for sale as an original for £95 , or as a limited edition, signed print for £45

the next installment

I posted the beginnings of this page last week, this is the completed version. I could extrapolate volumes from this page, but I won't. The meaning in the broadest sense is fairly obvious. The nuance I shall keep to myself! I raise a glass to all you Richards out there!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Moleskine new pages

This is a work very much in progress, I'm not sure about the face so that may change, I have mentioned before my fondness for penises( their shape, how they have a life independent of their human support system, and their sheer comedy value). Willies symbolise so much!

I'm still working this one out, any ideas?

Friday, 8 July 2011


A mixed media piece titled 'Pregnant Pause', a depiction of parthenogenesis in action, giving birth to another self, under the watchful eye of a rook. The original is approx 7"x 9" on rigid illustration board. SOLD

Moleskine update

While I am working, I like to have noise in the background, so I often have the TV feeding constant information. These pages coincided with the very public trial of a Miss Casey Anthony for the murder of her 2 year old daughter. I got very caught up in the details of the trial and it seemed obvious to me that Casey was guilty. So the verdict was a huge shock. The whole infanticide, mother/ child dynamic is such a primal, complex one, that I felt compelled to try and work out my feelings. I had to try and separate my feelings of loathing for a complete stranger, from her alleged actions. As far as I can see the prosecution proved their case, but the jury saw differently. It is strange how fathers killing their children no longer even registers on the public conscience anymore, but a mother disposing of a child she brought into the world just takes us to another level of evil. This is a theme I'm sure will stay with me for a while yet.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

New Moleskine July 2011

 The second instalment of my current sketchbook. I am still working out what the overall meaning is and what the connecton  between all the images might be. I am open to suggestion and external input. Often an observer can see more clearly that I can what is going on.
Add caption

A brand New Moleskine

The title page of the new book, I think that the theme is the connection between birth and creativity: a somewhat obvious one! The stuff inside my head eats it's way out one way or another. A process of externalising my inner thought process.

My favourite part of using Moleskine, brand new pages. I managed to buy a couple of new books from Ebay for around £8 a pop, a great improvement on the Waterstones / Smith's £14 plus.
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