Sunday, 8 May 2011

New work

This piece is a combination of rubber stamps, pen an d ink which is then water coloured. It is 35 cm x 12 cms on illustration board. The title is ' Do I have to hand you everything on a plate?'. The original is available for sale for £160, or a hand signed, hand finished print for the princely sum of £35.

Due to the limitations of my scanner some of the detail on the extreme right has been left out. It is 34 cms x 17 cms on illustration board. The meaning is quite clear, where we often mistake the mundane and ordinary for miracles of supernatural origin. That is partly wishful thinking I am sure! We all long for evidence that there is more to life and our existence that we know, we long for validation.  The original is £200, and the signed, hand finished print is £40.

The next five pieces are tiny little works 7cms x 8.5 cms on illustration board. This one is titled 'Clowns are such a cliche', and is rubber stamps, pen and ink , watercolours. The original is £45

7cms x 8.5 cms on illustration board. The title is 'Don't ask me to explain'. £45 for the original.

 'Just one (little) screw'. When I was 14 , I was accosted by a flasher on the way to school, he kept repeating those words. Innocent little me thought he was referring to his bicycle parts, and was asking for help! Mixed media on illustration board. 7cms x8.5 cms. £45

'The moon looks lonely'. When I was small I was obsessed by the fact that I could see the moon's features, to me it was a person. It bothered me that it was floating around all alone for all eternity. i had a tendency to project my feelings onto people and objects that surrounded me. 7cms x 8.5cms on illustration board. £45 for the original.

'Ovum', This piece relates to a discussion I had once about gender, fertility and procreation. No matter how we progress as a race, there are fundamental things we just can't change. 7cms x 8.5cms on illustration board. £45 for the original.
These pieces show another side to my work. As much as I enjoy the intricate, convoluted pages of my sketchbooks, I do like to express thoughts, ideas and memories in a more immediate way. Ideas that stand alone rather than be part of something else. I do have a lot of these , although they tend to go quickly!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Moleskine update

The Royal wedding and all the strange circus that goes along with it.

Eve tempting Adam with an apple, not having much else to offer him.

the inspiration quote comes from David Hockney, i think it is genius! You have to meet inspiration half way.

This page is not yet finished and I will talk about it once it reveals itself to me.
I'm not sure adding captions with explanatory texts is doing what I hoped it would. It seems to me that by offering an explanation the images are shrinking, and the meaning is becoming limited and not a little trite. The words I add are really just a very small part of what I put into the picture, I hold a lot back because the images are at times deeply intimate and overly revealing (to my eyes at least!). I hope I am leaving enough room to allow the viewer to see something else, something more. sadly, people don't have the time or inclination to engage in lengthy debates these days.
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