Thursday, 6 January 2011

Paper Tiger Comix now available.


If you haven't got yourself a copy of the 100 page anthology, Paper Tiger Comix #4, here's your chance! Showcasing the best underground and alternative comics from the UK and overseas along with surreal art and strange illustrations. This beautifully produced labour of love comes with a 21 track music CD of obscure and eclectic music (Cyriak, Tits Of Death, Oom, Mama Shamone, The Spookeys, Like The Animal You Are, and many more). Also featuring a rather nice tiger pin/button badge, and 5 colour art cards.

You can now buy this limited edition package on amazon, to be sent to you anywhere in the world for just £5.29 plus postage/ shipping.

Comic and art contributers include; Lorna Miller, Richard Cowdry, Paul O Connell, Hurk, Lawrence Elwick, Jon Chadler, Daniel Locke, Dan Hanson, Al Frank, Terry Wiley, Deborah valentine, Fiona Smyth, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Erica Ilcane, Emanuele Kabu, Bunny Mazhari, Julie Klausner, Robert S Brown & Many more.

To buy the book on Amazon go here:

You can also buy on Etsy here:
To learn more about the book and see a slideshow, go here:

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