Thursday, 6 January 2011

RCA Secret 2010 entries

Agroup of three post-cards for the Rca secrets annual exhibition. The title is Wish You Were Here.I used a combination of collage and water-colour, my favourite media. Each post-card sells for £45 and all money raised goes to help out students.

Again I used collage and watercolour. Cutting out the skeleton was a bit tricky, so I cut it out with a white back-ground and painted it to look as if I'd cut round it.

The final card. What can't be seen is that I penned in most of the spine as cutting it out would have been a nightmare.

Part of the Playing House series. An evil little girl is exercising her 'maternal instincts' and holding her unfortunate sibling. Much as I used to do to my brother, finding ways to hurt him when I thought I could get away with it. Sorry little brother!

This is another group for 'secrets'. Babies can look oddly sinister in drawings! Their large heads and steady stares can be unnerving. The group is called Playing House, and is based on a photos published in a Sunday supplement.

The baby looks like is calling out for help! His solemn face says far more than the inane smiles of his parents.

This was an odd one out. I can't decide if she is breathing life into him or sucking the life out of him. Either way, the black smoke tells me that she is up to no good.

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