Monday, 2 July 2012

She Hated Gardening - Moleskine Art

This image is a portrait of a couple I am related to by blood. Tbeir relationship as dramatic and compelling as an episode of Eastenders. They knew how to work each other, and they took full advantage of this knowledgr. He'd boast about how much control he had over 'his woman', and would regale anyone who's listen how he's worked women out. To him they were no longer a mystery. Meanwhile, his loving wife would spill all his intimate secrets to her girlfriends. As a child I knew when the women gathered together their conversation changed. I'd sneak around trying to look inconspicuous as I picked up crumbs of juicy gossip, not understanding much of it till years later. And what gossip! No holds barred, Xrated would be a conservative description. As an adult I realise that a lot of the marriages that were being discussed were arranged ones. Without the love component, these women felt no personal loyalty to their 'stranger' husbands. When you love someone, you are interested in presenting them in the best light, 'big them up' so to speak. Without love, it is a cold transaction. The women exacted small acts of revenge by betraying personal details, by puncturing their men's carefully crafted image. Since then I've always been a sucker for where is my heat magazine?


  1. Another inspiration, Bunny! Small acts of revenge in the garden of gonads! xxxooo

  2. I think that should be the title, 'The Garden Of Gonads'.


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