Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Close Yer Eyes = Moleskine Art

An ambiguous take on male V. female relationships. In any partnership, happy or miserable, there are continuous power struggles. Traditionally, women used mental manipulation while men were more physical. We all have endless stories to illustrate this. I shall spare you my little homilies this once, and allow you to come up with your own anecdotes. By all means feel free to share.


  1. I find that if I am too controlling of my children, or anyone for that matter; we have constant power struggles. I can't seem to keep myself from controlling my husband, though. It's a compulsion.

    1. This is going to sound a little sexist, but in my experience men require and welcome a certain amount of control. There is a part of them that is yearning for mummy and the time when they were her little prince. Arelationship at it's root is a contract, and what works for one couple won't for another. Thanks for sharing, sometimes it feels good to confront things we find hard to admit to ourselves.

    2. Ha! I can definitely see that. It's hard to break away from compulsions that other's enable, eh? Thanks for pointing that out.


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