Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fresh Air Doesn't Guarantee Breathing - Moleskine Art

One of my gifts for my fourth birthday was a Wade wall plaque of a cat's face. My mother thought I'd like it as I was animal crazy. She hung it over my bed lovingly. Now this was the meanest looking cat I'd ever seen.
 To my childish eyes it looked as if it had been skinned, it's rictus grin never faltering. If I saw that cat's head now I'd probably find it quite sweet and charming, but in my head it has taken on mythical powers of evil. I'd fantasize that it was spying on me, that it was colluding with my mother to thwart my every independent move, that says more about my relationship with my mother than anything else. My brother and sisters still remember that head with a shudder so it wasn't all in my mind.I have found the offending article online, so you can see for yourself.


  1. Oh Bunny, I love this one. The cat head looking at her from the polka-dotted blanket on the sidewalk. I love the girl's open, open hands. xxxooo

    1. The proportions are to do with perception. When you are small objects appear bigger. That damned cat's head loomed large over my bed. Looking at it now it is tiny, and pretty harmless, still gives me the willies though!


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