Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sad Stories Of Finite Love - Moleskine Art

In a perfect world every new life would be a precious and valued one. In an ideal world every child is safe, loved and nurtured by every adult he has contact with. But if you look around you, read the papers, listen to the news you'll see this isn't that kind of place. With all the technical and social progress the world has never been a more caring, aware place or a more dangerous one! We are awash with societies for the protection of children, animals and the elderly yet we have never had more incidents of abuse, neglect or indeed murder. To realise that even parental love isn't guaranteed or infinite is hard to deal with. I wish I has some answers, explanations or solutions. All I can do is impotently hold up a mirror for those who give a damn to look inwardly. Pathetic but honest!


  1. I often wonder about such things in the sense that perhaps there be not more murder or more abuse in current times but mearly reported more on par with news trends whether these be politically motivated or driven by public interest. Not to forget laws as such as im sure some things now days would be classed as abuse where as perhaps a few years ago would not? As per changes in laws due to media attention =public outcry= news story= politicians trying to please public=changes in law and social/moral conduct. type thing. Hmm would appear you've caught me in a rambling mood lol. Love the piece. As I do all your work. Keep on keeping on!

    1. I have those thoughts exactly, but we'll never really know will we? Although the fact that communities are much less tightly knit allows for All kinds of things to go on. But as you say beating your children was seen as a fathers right before where as now it would be classed as abuse. It's a comples subject , all I can hope to do is pick at the seams and try to make some sense of it. And thanks I am a fan of your work too!


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