Friday, 29 June 2012

Number 293, 079 Dream - Moleskine Art

I've always been lucky in having a rich inner life. There has never been a time where my mind hasn't been choc full of pictures. The tritest, most innocuous comment triggers a torrent of images that I am helpless to stem. This particular image is a patchwork of dreams/ nightmares that I've had at various times. In my favourite ones I am aware of dreaming, I control the action as much as I can but strange stuff still happens. I solicit dreams from other people in order to enrich my own. I keep them in a mental dream box just as I store my collage cuttings in an actual box. Thank God for art and for being creative, it saves me from madness. (or does it?)

1 comment:

  1. Love this, Bunny! I too have really fascinating dreams and nightmares, I must illustrate the one from last night before I forget it. Recently I went through a phase of blaming art for my craziness and had strong feelings of anger towards art in general. Then I realized that art was the only thing that exorcised the craziness...


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