Monday, 9 July 2012

Human Waste - Moleskine Art

When I was six and living in Kuwait, my bed was placed beneath a window. I'd lay on my bed and pull the curtain over my head . I'd then pretend that when I pulled the curtain back I'd be seeing the world around me for the very first time. I'm imagine what it would feel like to see the sky, the stars and the sea for the very first time and without preconceptions. To understand the most basic facts of being human, my body and the existence of others like me. I'd spend hours going over different scenarios till I fell asleep. I once convinced myself that I was turning into a plastic doll. I felt my legs go stiff and inflexible, my eyes: fixed and staring... at this point I was so alarmed I yanked myself back from whatever state I'd hypnotised myself into and never tried that game again. I have such vivid memories of my internal conversations, the strange world inside my head. I still spend time there when I am alone, surprisingly I haven't aged in that parallel world, I seem to have stuck at six.

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