Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I Loathed Them All - Moleskine Art

 All my attempts at explanations for my pages offer just a tiny facet of meaning, so much more feeds into each image, a lot of which is too private or raw for me to make public. My books are a means of exorcising my demons and taming my monsters. I really enjoy hearing more objective points of view, however, an outsider can see more than I can in some ways. No matter how I feel about it, I reveal more than I intend to do and say more than I should.


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  2. When I look at your entries, I try not to over analyze since I know there is a lot of personal iconography going on. But, there is a universality about the images... dream like, yet they tell the truth of our nature. The contradictions, the duplicity, and the seedy selfishness of people (including myself) have been more recognizable for me since I started coming here.
    I appreciate your work very much! It amazes me, riles me up, and makes me think.


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