Sunday, 24 June 2012

I Was And Remain Earthbound - Moleskine Art

The older I get, the smaller my life gets! I remember being four and sitting at the bottom of my grandmother's garden and thinking if I sat still enough, I'd catch sight of some elves/fairies/goblins going about their business. I'd follow ant trails in the hope of being led their homes where I was convinced I'd find miniature bunk beds, tiny sofas, and antified stereo systems. Once, I got stuck atop a pile of rocks where builders where adding a new garage.  Too scared to climb down, I was relieved to see our 'mother' cat that had recently given birth to a litter of kittens in our garden. I politely asked her in plain English to either help me down or call my mum to do so. You can't imagine how deeply hurt I was to see 'Mother' cat stick her nose up in the air and walk away as if she hadn't heard a thing! Anyway, life slowly chipped away my convictions and it slowly dawned on me that life is much more linear than Fairy Tales had led me to believe. As I digested my limitations I turned more and more to art in order to take flight and indulge my fancies.
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