Wednesday, 16 February 2011

More Moleskine pages (older ones)

I have a backlog of over 36 completed Moleskine sketchbooks thus far, and they are the only part of my work that is not for sale. Too much time , blood, sweat..blah blah goes into them and it makes it impossible to put a price on them. I do enjoy looking through them now and again, and I am always surprised by how completely I forget what I've done. It's as if they were someone Else's work and words. I did say I'd post some older pages and this is what this  is about.

Certain events in my life messed with my head and forced me to question the fundamentals of good and evil, right and wrong. It also turned me away from rigid inflexible dogma that allows people to set themselves up as judge and jury. To decide who lives and who dies and why.

This depicts some complex feelings about being a girl child in a place that favoured little princes. Of having to steal enough of the spotlight to see me through. Apparently the lack of a penis rendered me unworthy. Funny that!

These images touch on some very deep emotional subjects about my life. There are complex back-stories to each of them. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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