Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Lost Moleskine

Eureka! I found It! To be fair i never realised it was lost but in a box with assorted junk there it was. When it comes to my completed sketchbooks stuff I am pretty consistent at storing them safely once they are finished with. The number now is in the forties and growing. So at a rough guess I have over 4000 pages of work stockpiled for no one to see. My completed Moleskines are the only part of my work that is not for sale. In the interest of full disclosure I did sell one Moleskine to the Aldrich Collection, but I would never do that again. So here are a few pages from the book that was overlooked and has hidden away from me for 12 years.

We all knew what was coming next.

Unwittingly, they spawned a monster that stalks them to this day.

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