Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Multiverse Of Stories - Moleskine Art

The word Hesteria stems from the Greek cognate of uterus, ὑστέρα (hystera). The naughty uncontrollable uterus was thought to wander around a woman's insides blocking passages, obstructing breathing and generally driving her nuts. Men couldn't understand how a space large enough to hold a human child could fail to interfere with a female's general wellbeing. So by filing every mental or health related complaint ever suffered by a woman under 'Hysteria' Men could generally sit back and pity these defective, crazy creatures. It continues even now. The description a 'hysterical woman' is often bandied about, without a murmer. I am a woman, and my womb has carried five children, A feat no man can hope to emulate. Forget penis envy, I believe men have long suffered from womb envy, let's face it; the ability to create is one only ever ascribed to the highest divine powers. So all men could do was diminish and contain women's role in society.
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