Sunday, 11 December 2011

Moleskine Collages

How many of you out there have heard this old wives tale? That if you swallow a fruit pit you will grow a tree in your stomach and it will emerge from your 'lady garden'? I took it a step further and added children! Is it any wonder that we are all so screwed up when trusted grown ups feed us these nightmares? I was stupidly gullible and brooded over these dark possibilities for years.

I'm still working on the meaning of this one, I may come back to it at some point.

Dogs are my passion. They have been used widely in art to symbolise faithfulness, trust and unconditional love. I like to use dog images a lot to say different things. We humans really don't deserve such devoted companions.

Every fear hides a wish, is that true?


  1. Yours are some of the strongest works I´ve seen in a while. A powerfull combination of nightmares, comics, very well done characters from collages or drawings. Excelent!

  2. Oh, I was only told that the tree would grow out of me... it wasn't specified from where. I sort of assumed that it would come out of my mouth, slowly starving me to death as it grew. Still pretty terrifying.
    For a while I did think that babies grew from swallowed melon seeds though... not really sure where I got that idea.

    I love these though... especially the last one!

  3. these are all so fantastic and thought provoking.


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