Sunday, 20 March 2011

Moleskine pages, yet more old stuff!

In order to not overwhelm the viewer I am adding some old pages in small doses, I hope you appreciate my kind consideration!


  1. Wow the quote about being a mirror in the first work is stunning. Your works are so intriguing. Where does the hard written text come from?? Do you ever do anything with your moleskines besides show them on this blog?

  2. Hi Bunny, if you want to be a reader when my blog goes private, I'm going to need an email address to invite you. If you email me at, I'll add you!

    More beautiful work, as usual! You are so prolific, and such a consistently amazing standard.

  3. The hand written text comes out of my head usually, but the printed stuff is either cut out from random magazines or from my head but printed out. It is only recently that I have been able to open up my moleskines, I felt they were too personal but I had a great reaction when I exhibited a selection in a couple of shows. I would love to compile a book of the best pages, I do have literally thousands to pick through but I don't know who to approach and if anyone would even be interested.
    Your encouragement gives me a lot of energy to take things further. xxx

  4. They would make a great book!! I would also love to get a book published in the (far) future, but I have no idea how to either.
    Do you know the book The Selves by Sonja Ahlers? It's collage and drawings too, though a bit lighter than yours. I wonder how she got it published?? If she managed it, I believe that you definitely could!

  5. I was asked to submit a proposal to a couple of publishers and I will get around to it one day. I love making art but I am crap at self promotion!

  6. I´m Javier Serna, a collagist from Spain. Thanks for your coments about my collages. I also like a lot your job, specially these moleskines. I could be for ages, reading the texts and enjoying the wonderful drawings and collages. thanks again!


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