Monday, 7 February 2011

A daily dose of culture. Ray Materson, outsider artist.

Today's outsider artist is Ray Materson. Ray was serving a 15 year sentence for a robbery related to his drug offences. One day, out of a clear blue sky, he was inspired to embroider his teams colours on a scrap of material ripped from his prison bed-sheets. He bought a pair of nylon socks from a cellmate for a packet of cigarettes as they were made up of his team colours.

The House On York Road. 1995
The boot story 1995

the Taming of the shrew 1995

He unpicked the threads and changed his life. The success of his first piece led inmates to commision their own embroideries of their sports emblems. Ray began to receive cast off socks in every imaginable colour. Ray's subject matter evolved to include portraits, landscapes and narrative images.

Conscientious Objectors 1995

The Arrest 1993

The Cup of his blood (Hate me) 1992

Gossio 2009

Ogre's All Stars 1994
Vermont River - Montpelier 2009

Gino- Life Times six 1999

An afternoon At Ogre House 2002
Anywhere Next Exit 1992

Twin Towers 2005
Ray's pieces are tiny jewel coloured little treasures about half the size of a post card. Each piece takes 40-60 hours of work and up to 1200 stiches per square inch. I love the honesty and passion that shines from Ray's work. Ray now travels all over the United States lecturing on his works and encouraging art programs in the prison service.

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