Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A daily dose of culture, Andrea Dezsö; artistic wonder woman!

Andrea Dezsö is nothing short of a wonder woman! I came across her work while researching artist sketchbooks, what a lucky find! The special thing about Andrea is that she can turn her hand to any form of artistic expression and come up with something original, beautiful and awe inspiring.


Andrea Dezsö is a Romanian born artist (Transylvania if you want the exact location) of Hungarian extraction. Her Eastern European heritage undoubtedly feeds her richly narrative work and gives her the wonderful stories that act as a framework for her creative interpretation. Her grown up job is Assistant Professor of media Design at Parsons. But there is so much more to this creative dynamo. She works in ceramics, installation, animation, paper-cutting, embroidery and a lot more besides.

In this post I will focus on a series of embroideries that depict some of her mother’s sayings that will ring a bell with most people! They are beautifully executed, very funny and I love them all. There is plenty of information out there about Andrea and if you need inspiration I have no doubt her work will provide it. She has exhibited widely, has had books published but I still think she deserves to be more celebrated and her work more exposed. Andrea I salute you!

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