Friday, 7 January 2011

My Studio

My main working desk, with all my coloured pencils, a very under-rated, under-used medium in my humble opinion.
Another view of my desk, a pile of fat moleskines can be seen in the corner.

Boxes full of rubber stamps, collections of images for collage, boxes of words cut out of magazines, precious things that have no value to anyone else.

My beloved books! I started collecting books at the age of eleven, my kids have the same bug. we had to move out of our last house because it was stuffed to the brim with books.

my pristine printing press! I've had it for years and have barely used it. I have big plans for it now.
Ready cut pieces of illustration board in every size I could possibly want .

A selection of old shop-keepers lettering boxes. They are getting hard to find at reasonable prices. Happily, modern versions, although not as aesthetically pleasing are widely available.


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