Friday, 30 May 2014

Alternative Sketchbook Work

For most of us, there is only the unattended moment. The moment in and out of time, the distraction fit. Lost in a shaft of sunlight. Hints followed by guesses; and the rest is prayer, observance, discipline, thought and action.
In addition to my more finished Moleskine books I keep a 'scribble' book that hols ideas, words, images and triggers that I can use for inspiration. I happily admit to stealing techniques, themes, colours and words from all kins of sources. So if you see anything of yours don't be surprised. In turn feel free to 'steal', copy, or borrow anything that appeals to you from my stuff. That includes you Mark Hobely, I look forward to your interpretations and swear words.
Mis-shapen time, cope mate of ugly night, swift subtle post, carrier of grisly care, eater of youth, false slave to false delight, base watch of woes, sin's packhorse, virtue's snare.
"She said cut it through with the sharp scissors."Add caption

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