Friday, 22 March 2013

Breastfeeding Is Mandatory

This is a stand alone piece on illustration board.I had to crop the image as it wouldn't fit into my humble A4 scanner. If anyone has a question about the content please ask, I am always happy to argue about art matters!


  1. Not sure what to ask, but your images always fascinate me. The longer I look at them, the more I notice. Like the fact that it sort of looks like the woman on the bed is floating on the end of ropes, maybe as if it were a hot air balloon or sailing. And the fact that it's not just 2 sets of eyes and nose, but there is an extra eye on the side. And that her arm holes are sewn shut. And the shadow people watching from the windows. I can only guess at the personal iconography. But a lot of it is universal, like use of the woman's body. Seems like a lot of your women (and sometimes sexually exposed men) are in pain that they are oblivious to by the looks on their faces. But, it's your work; I would love to hear your interpretations if you'd like to share them.

  2. Most of my work deals with the relationship between men and women the majority of which are unhealthy. Woman, whether she chooses to be or not is forced into the role of mother where she is expected to nurture everyone even if she has had a shitty day, everyone wants to feed off her. It's a complicated subject, and a vast one. For some reason, even though I am not at all a man hater, having a son and partner both of whom I adore, all the men in my work come off in an unflattering light! I need to think about that! And thanks Jaime for the interest and support.


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