Monday, 3 December 2012

Moleskine pages - A Lifetime Of Labour Pains

" His eyes told me nothing in seven languages. The nape of my neck prickled in exquisite revulsion. His touch made my toes curl with involuntary spasms, he misread my responses in spectacular fashion. My good manners ended with a son, he had has his father's nose.
I had a lifetime of labour pains."


  1. Another heavy one! I love the monster in the trenchcoat, the fetus angel, the whole thing!

  2. I was thinking of the medieval plague doctors and their horrible masks.They are doctors that are meant to heal but their image must have killed people out of sheer terror!

  3. Those plague masks are unreal...

  4. I find them fascinating! Probably one of the scariest masks ever thought up.


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