Tuesday, 17 July 2012

It Is A Clean Slate - Moleskine Art

My fascination with angels comes out in my work quite often. This page concerns a 17 year old schoolfriend in the Middle East, who gave birth to her boyfriends baby with the help of myself and her sister, we were 15 at the time. Her mother was out of the house luckily. We used a medical book to tell us what to do. We called the boyfriends mother who having absorbed a major shock, hid the baby under her 'abaya' (The black covering worn by Muslim women) and took her off home pretending to friends and neighbours that she'd given birth not knowing she had been pregnant. It was one of the most dangerous things I have ever been through. My friend almost became an honour killing statistic, but it all ended well with her marrying her boyfriend. Her father wasn't informed of the existence of a grand daughter till safely after the wedding, he still chased her round the house with a meat cleaver. The angels were with us that day!

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