Sunday, 22 July 2012

Blood Runs Thicker When It Runs In Vain - Moleskine Art

This is a subject I return to time and time again. I try to understand the connection between honour and murder. The medieval notion that blood can wash away dishonour leaves me confused, disheartened and angry. Honour...what exactly is it other than pride? If a woman has unsanctioned sex, her husband, father/ brother or son has the right to kill her in order to scare off any other male attempting to encroach on his property. The same goes for the beheading of enemies, it is simply a matter of pride. Over the centuries we have accepted the concept of honour that sounds altogether more noble and altruistic than the word pride that is so much more base and selfish. The powerless continue to pay the price. Nobody cares to address this tragedy as no one wants to be seen as passing judgement on another culture/ religion or tradition because the root of this lies elsewhere. Well I'm saying it. Once again an archaic male obsession blights the lives of women and children, and no one should accept it or make excuses for it.

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