Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Moleskine pages

Does this really require an explanation? I think not! Women do fill me with despair sometimes, most recently while watching a program on vaginae. Apparently the NHS, in it's infinite wisdom is offering 'vaginaplasty',: A completely unnecessary operation to tidy up 'ugly' vaginae! How do women fall for this crap? Most men are grateful for any access to a vagina, their 'beauty' has never before been an issue, so why now? And why is it that the NHS that is so strapped for cash, feel it urgent enough to provide this vile mutilation to misguided females apparently as young as 12? It is as if the suffragettes never suffered!

This follows on from the above image. I am a feminist, a very ardent, proud one. But I don't hate men, they have their own issues to deal with, even though I don't totally absolve them from their historical mistreatment of women.  I do wish women's history was given more prominence in the school curriculum, if only to empower young girls and allow them to see that they are more than a series of holes to accommodate men.

Sometimes women collude in their own misfortune, Showing no sense of sisterhood or loyalty, leading each other to the slaughter.

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