Saturday, 29 October 2011

Moleskine Diary Pages 2011

I can't seem to get away from the theme of familial dysfunction. Is there a family out there that does function? Maybe families group dynamics are meant to be unpleasant enough to force us out of the nest to find our own way, to eventually create our own pile of dysfunction and repeat the cycle.


  1. Hey, this is the third time I'm visiting your blog since I've read your first comment on Pikaland's post. I am drawn and disturbed by your illustrations at the same time. I think I've never saw something like this in my whole life.

    Colorful, intense breathtaking work. Thank you!

  2. thank you Masha for taking the time to comment, and it is nice to see you understand my work. I tried to leave a comment on your blog but there is no way to do so. Are you a printmaker or is your work done using a computer?

  3. How do your family feel about you airing their dirty laundry in public? And do you think this is a dignified way to get your revenge?

  4. I don't care what they think and yes.


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