Wednesday, 17 August 2011

More older Moleskime pages

Although this image is fairly self explanatory, I can give a little background. For 3 years I commuted on an almost daily basis to Brighton, where I was doing my degree in printmaking. I developed an addiction of sorts to cheap gossip magazines with their lurid images and shocking stories. they gave me an intense course in the human psych, and it never ceased to amaze me just how willing people were to reveal stuff about themselves. the magazines inspired me with narratives to dissect. i liked the vulnerability and sheer humanness I found there.

Coming from two cultures, two religions and two vastly differing world views, I feel caught between east and west, so I pick and choose from both sides and make up my own quilt of values and beliefs. This image is an attempt to understand how people can have such differing ways of looking at themselves.

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