Thursday, 5 May 2011

Moleskine update

The Royal wedding and all the strange circus that goes along with it.

Eve tempting Adam with an apple, not having much else to offer him.

the inspiration quote comes from David Hockney, i think it is genius! You have to meet inspiration half way.

This page is not yet finished and I will talk about it once it reveals itself to me.
I'm not sure adding captions with explanatory texts is doing what I hoped it would. It seems to me that by offering an explanation the images are shrinking, and the meaning is becoming limited and not a little trite. The words I add are really just a very small part of what I put into the picture, I hold a lot back because the images are at times deeply intimate and overly revealing (to my eyes at least!). I hope I am leaving enough room to allow the viewer to see something else, something more. sadly, people don't have the time or inclination to engage in lengthy debates these days.


  1. Bunny, I both agree and disagree with you about the captions. The images speak for themselves, as they should, and do not require narration. I do not think the captions diminish the images in any way, however. Additionally, I enjoy hearing your thoughts on the images. I especially when you say something about your process in creating an image. It's like having a sip of wine with the artist at her gallery opening in New York or London.

    You know I'm your big fan! KK

  2. Here is the word that was missing: like

  3. Someone was taking notice! Most people skim through the images so I am gratified that you took the time to read my comments. I do like to give the viewer a way in to the image, there is nothing more frustrating and boring than being faced with an abstract image that ends up coming across as an 'in joke' or a secret you are not let in on. But the danger is in giving too much away and not leaving any work to be done for the viewer. I enjoy it when people come up to me at exhibitions and offer their own insights to my work, 9 times out of ten they are spot on in a way I hadn't even thought of. In other words they give me something I hadn't seen myself, when that happens it is magic! So it means so much when you give me this feedback, so thank you so much. xx

  4. I think the viewers already have a way into the image, through the text and sentences in the works. I've enjoyed hearing more about what each work is about, like when you were writing about the different types of people. But I don't think it is necessary, or even desirable, to explain every single image.
    I like what you said about people giving you new insight into your own work. What I like about art is all the different interpretations. What makes art good is how it can be interpreted, and not necessarily what the original intention of the artist was.

  5. I really agree that the artists intention is not the most important thing. It is nice when the artist leaves enough room for the viewer to bring their own experience to a work, that is what fgives the personal connection. That is why I have such a problem with abstract work, it shuts me out! So I shall continue adding words, it's involuntary anyway!I have never made art to please an audience, it is always to please myself, that may be selfish and indulgent but I think if an issue has touched me then it will touch others, we are not that different!


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