Saturday, 16 April 2011

Moleskine update, a few new pages

 A few new pages from my current Moleskine. I have been studying human personality traits, and how we humans adopt certain behaviours without being aware of them. Like those who have a deep seated need to be heroes and are constantly on the lookout for unfortunates to save.
 Then there are those who know they are black sheep and rather than improve their own conduct, look to persuade others to join them down the wrong path. There are plenty of willing 'victims' who are happy to be led astray.
We have those with a controlling nature where they feel the need to be in charge of everything and everyone. They believe that the world can't function without their input. Sometimes I sit back and people watch, at times motives and urges are burningly obvious to the onlooker, At others they are better disguised. In all cases they are compelling. They provide the grist to my mill, long may we continue!

1 comment:

  1. wow you take people watching to a whole new level. It's really interesting to read your explanation behind each of these images for a change. I agree, it's so compelling!!


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