Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Graduation show Brighton University 2009

Some images of my graduation show. I decided that because my work was already very dense and a little chaotic, not to fight my instincts and create a dense and chaotic display. I had a section of one room plus three display tables for my sketch book.

This is part of the wall display. Some of the work was grouped together in black frames as part of a series, collages that dealt with birth and death. Otherwise there is no order or theme which made the hanging purely instinctive.

Anything not framed was hung using bull-dog clips, not very original I know, but I really didn't want anything pretentious or fashionable as that kind of stuff brings me out in hives and induces in me the urge to yell out rude words.

This kind of work and the way it is hanged (hung?) is not everyone's cup of tea but I did get two whole books worth of comments. There were only two negative comments one saying the work was ugly and unpleasant the other criticising the hanging method. If I'd had more money I would have framed everything beautifully and grouped it very sparsly so that each peace would shine on it's own. But on the whole It looked like the inside of my head and I prefer the honesty. This was me , and that is all I can offer.

A few more wall images. Some of them look a little distorted but that is because the weight of the paper started to sag with only one central bull-dog clip. It looked a lot better in real life. I included a few simple sketches just to add variety.

Ultimately I think it was quite a successful show as I almost sold out of work. I received a lot of commissions that kept me busy for ages afterwards. I did get a few time wasters that made special requests, asked for variations on some of the images, asked me to put aside a few pieces till later, only to change their minds at the last minute or told me they could no longer afford it. That was very annoying! But most people were a joy to deal with.

This display was in the main room, I had a further two tables in the hall on the ground floor. I could have easily filled a few more rooms as I had so much work! That is not a boast, it is a result of my inability to turn off and stop working, it really is a form of OCD. But I don't mind at all!

The small cards were tiny collages that were very fun to make. I used rubber stamps on a lot of them. I still have a few of these I must dig them out sometime and maybe I'll post them individually.

 These were very large sketch books that force me to work differently. More of a page of little conversations. I have been known to sell pages directly out of my sketchbooks. But I stopped doing that when I realised it was decimating the books . Now, if anyone wants a particular image I get an archival print made that I sign and mount. It is much cheaper and it keeps my books intact. Or I can do a version as a stand alone piece, it will never be exactly the same because I don't work that way. I really enjoyed the show and appreciated the feedback I received from people , the good and the not so good.

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  1. I love the way the work is hung/hanged. Definately wish i'd been around when this show was on, i think i was around sort of but not quite around enough. Where do you get prints of your work done? They look like fantastic quality, I really want to do some prints of my own in time but any copy i've ever had made i've been really dissapointed with. I always feel so inspired when i look at your mammoth archives. xxxx


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